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Greeting from Zhegang...

Good News !

June 28:    There are 1197 persons visited the site a day.

Hello my dear friends,

First of all, welcome to visit my home page.

Actually, this is the page that I want to show you whom I am. I want you guys share my daily life happiness from my Photo Album . I will introduce my family, my lover and my old buddies in China to you there.

If you guys are the students of the C.S or the professionals in the field, Computer Book in the E-Library is the must-visit part. In the E-Library, I also prepare hundreds of the Chinese books which are classified.

If you like surfing on the internet, you should know the importance of the search engine. Here, in the Search , I collect almost all the search engines from the internet, and classify them into different specifications.

In the E-Tutor, I collect some of my program assignments and the projects, and post their source codes in it. Also, I will link to some helpful sites that give you a hand on your study.

Finally, I wish you should have a nice talk in my Chatroom , and don't forget to leave your comments in My Guestbook before you log off.

O.K, you can start your tour now...


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